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Quality is of course a factor key in competition, our machines used for manufacturing are acquired for this purpose: quality and reliability.
STPC currently occupies a leading position on the local market. Maintain this position is our constant concern and reaching export is our second challenge. Two assets will enable us to move forward with sure steps to achieve our challenges which are:

firstable the quality

Second the quality

And the productivity.

ISO 9001:2008

The quality policy of the direction of STPC is satisfyng its customers requirements and compliance (with applicable regulations) to ensure the sustainability and growth of the company.

This goal can only be achieved by improving the following objectives:  

  • Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
  • Improving staff involvement
  • Quality improvement and product development
  • Improve productivity and cost control

These targets are reviewed annually to ensure the adequacy of the STPC orientation relative to market developments. For this we are committed to:

  • Respect the provisions of the quality management system
  • Provide human and material resources to achieve the objectives
  • Ensuring the quality of new products PPR & PEX and obtaining the corresponding product certifications

Counting on all operators of STPC without exception, we invite them to participate actively and achieve all the objectives.

100% control in our own laboratory

Checks and extensive testing with the most advanced equipments, ensuring compliance of the product and allow us to offer our customers top quality.