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STPC is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of copper tubing (Sanitary, Medical & Cooling Applications), multilayer plastic pipes (PEX & PPR) and plastic fittings (PPR).


STPC is a company of metal engineering industries sector, specifically the metal transformation branch.

The promoters of the company have created the SCADA since 1979, it had the activity to drawing from imported copper drafts. The creation of the STPC in 1987, responding to a vertically integrated concern insofar as it was intended to make draft pipes from imported billets.

STPC had the same fate, it was taken in 1994 by one of its shareholders, who teamed for continuation of activities with two new partners. A first capital increase enabled the acquisition of additional equipment and the STPC resumed extrusion and production of copper tubes (bars and rolls). In 1999 STPC hired its first upgrade program in order to modernize its production equipment and review its development strategy. The implementation of the upgrade plan was completed in 2000. From 2000 the company has experienced positive results in 2002. since that STPC held a leading position on the market.

In 2012, STPC started producing the multilayer pipe PE-Xb according to the requirements of ISO 21003 standards.

In 2014, the company began to produce multilayer PPR pipes in accordance with the requirements of ISO 21003 standards and PPR fittings in accordance with the requirements of ISO 15874 standards. 


The continued success of STPC reflects a strong belief in the direction "today we can no longer limit ourself to manufacture products according to standards, but we must closely follow the desires of customers, listen to, discuss with them and try to find solutions to their problems and meet their needs. "